Ask @Lunahaku:

One sentence on how you feel about these people: Pedofu, Sevey, Qats, Kurii-Star, [ Tumor ], Slendy, Yuii

One sentence total? Or... One sentence each?
I'm going with the later >:3
Pedofu: You deserve more.
Sevey: I fakn love you so much ;-;
Qats: Uh, I don't really have to many memories with you but you're pretty cool I guess...
Kurii-Star: If I could trade my life for giving you a fair life I would do it in a heartbeat.
[ Turtle ]: Don't kiss choco... you lesbo -.-
Slendy: *coughs up blood*
Yuii: I'm a slut

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What's your opinion towards lies?

Uhhh, just lies in general?
Some lies can be used for good I guess? If you do it the right way...but that doesn't change that you lied.
If you're talking about Chronic lying or something of that nature then...yea, I don't really get that lol like, wouldn't you just feel shitty as a person living in your own lies?
And if you're just talking about lying in general then...yea just don't do it, the truth always comes out; whatever you lied about probably isn't worth how you're going to feel afterwards anyways. Unless you know 100% that you lying will prevent harm from coming to somebody just don't do it.
I mean...everybody lies...its just something that kind of happens, we have always had that moment where somebody asks us something and we just panic and lie out of fear for the outcome we think would come from telling the truth...but after you've gone through these moments a few times in your life you start to realize that whatever came out of you lying was probably wayyyy worse than what would've came out of you telling then truth (I keep on typing "teh" and its pissing me off ._.)
I guess its tempting to just say that deception is wrong, but its just not that simple...
But for the vaaast majority of the time...its seriously better to just not lie, you don't really gain anything from it in the end - You'll sleep better at night knowing that you're honest with the people around you and YOURSELF.
Its important to be honest with yourself more than anything honestly...but don't necessarily value honesty in yourself more than honesty in others, just...value honesty in general...ITS GOOD TO BE HONEST >_>


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