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🌻 Are you single or taken?
I’m very much taken 😄
🌻 How old are you?
I’m currently 24 years old. My birthday is on the 22nd of July!
🌻 What do you do?
I’m a speech therapy pathology student and I have an extra job as a waitress at a Chinese takeaway restaurant!
🌻What games do you play?
I really enjoy playing rpg, survival, horror and co op adventure games! I mostly play Sea of Thieves. I’ve also put many hours in Skyrim, Dying Light, Sims, Stardew Valley & Dead by Daylight 😄
🌻 Do you have instagram?
I do! My Instagram is @ thewanderlusttho, you can always add me on there, but please know that I’m rarely ever active, especially in DM’s.
🌻 Can I add you on Snapchat, WhatsApp and/or Facebook?
🌻 Do you have pubg?
No, I don’t.
🌻 Where are you from?
I’m from The Netherlands 🇳🇱
🌻 Favourite movie?
The Hobbit is my all time favourite movies, especially the first one 😄⛰
🌻 Favourite series?
How I Met Your Mother is my all time favourite series. I love the humour and the deepness of the show so much! I’ve watched it like 5 times lol.
🌻 Can we be friends?
No. I mean, friendship is not something that becomes a thing just because you asked a question. True friendship develops naturally overtime. So lets just be kind to each other and talk and see what happens! 😄
🌻 What’s the most embarrassing moment that you ever had?
Okay so I get this question a lot lately and it’s a big story, so I’m just gonna write it down here and be done with it once and for all 😂:
On elementary school I had to go to the bathroom one time. Before I went back to class, I wanted to check how I looked, but there were no mirrors inside the restrooms. There was, however, a window in the door towards the restroom in which you can see your reflection. The window was located quite low so you had to duck in order to look through. I duck and I checked how I looked. For some reason I wanted to see what I look like when I wave so I waved flirtatiously at myself lol 🤦🏼‍♀️ little did I know that one of my classmates at that time was standing on the other side seeing me waving. He thought I was waving a him, he thought I was crushing on him and he told the whole class.
🌻 Are you married?
No, I’m happily in a relationship, but not married (yet).

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happy birthday yentl! 🎉✨ thank you for being such a wonderful presence here on I hope you had a wonderful (and safe) celebration. may this year bring you more joy, peace, love, and success than the last. hope that all of your birthday wishes came true!! 🥳🧁💝💫

nurbzee’s Profile Photobday fundraiser in 3 days! ✨
Awww thank you so much!! That’s so kind, your words made me smile so much! 🥰🥰🥺

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