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What's the best news you've ever received?

It was when my aunt asked me to be her son's Godfather. A few months later my second aunt asked me the same thing so now I've got two wonderful Godsons. I love spoiling them and it was always a pleasure taking care of them when they were little babies. They've given me wonderful memories.

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If you were a Transformer, what would you transform into?

Seeing as my favourite models are always characters that turn into motorcycles, I would have to go with that. As for what kind, it would probably be some classic model since I find those much more pleasant to the eye than the modern sport-looking bikes.

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What would you say it's your main concern or/and priority while learning another language? Do find yourself often analysing how people speak/write? If so, do believe that part of a person's personality is somewhat implicit in the way he/she communicates?

Ingrid Swo

It's not easy to come up with an answer to a question like this but after giving it some thought, I'd say my main concern would be understanding. Language is composed of the ability to understand and produce it. These are further divided into spoken and written form. Most people I've met want to be able to produce language; they want to be able to speak and write it well. Alas, I'm not the most social creature and prefer to either read or simply listen so I naturally gravitate towards understanding.

I wouldn't say that I analyse the way people speak/write. That would require effort on my part. Instead, I prefer to simply notice how language is used. I think people often don't see the difference between meaning and usage. Many words can be translated easily into counterparts in another language because their meaning is the same, but because it often happens that words have different usage, literal translation just doesn't work. I still remember how I noticed Spanish people ask '¿Comó?' when they didn't hear what you've just said, the same circumstances one might ask 'What?'. However, those two words aren't counterparts in meaning since a phrase like '¿Comó estás?' is translated as 'How are you?' rather than 'What are you?'

Indeed, I do believe in linguistic individuality. I take it as a fact since I often notice people tend to use different words and expression for the same situations and I'm told my own language differs from what most are used to.

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Do you think life is absurd?

Ingrid Swo

It is tempting to simply say Yes.

When looking at life as it is; it's hard not to see the absurd within it. Being compassionate, loving and caring of your fellow man leaves you torn to pieces by the greedy hordes. Those who trample morality are put on a pedestal and shown as the pinnacle of human capability. As a society, we're told to emulate behaviours that put others at risk because it's more important how much we have in a bank account than to reach out with a helping hand.

It seems absurd because as children we're told to be good, compassionate and loving people. We're taught that sharing is caring, that true love will find us no matter what, that good deeds are rewarded and bad people go to prison. Life seems absurd when we start to see evidence to the contrary. When we see our protectors beating people up on the street for protesting against hatred.

I wouldn't say life is absurd; it is the way it is.

Consider this: if a child born and raised in a windowless room was taught that the sky is green, clouds are black, the sun purple and grass white; the first time the child were to go into the outside world and experience it by itself, it would only see how absurd everything is.

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If your life were a movie, what would be the title?

How Do Dreams Die...

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Aren't you afraid of getting an infection with a Prince Albert piercing?

Not really, no.

There's always the possibility of getting an infection whenever you get a piercing. The same way there's always a possibility you can get ran over by a car when crossing the street but just because the possibility exist, people don't stop crossing the road. Best thing you can do is to just take the appropriate precautions.

On a less serious note, I sometimes like to simply say that even if I do get an infection and have to cut it off... well, it's not like I've been using it that much...

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What is your attitude to smoking?

I don't smoke, never smoked and won't be smoking.

People who know me, know that I do not smoke and that I'm quite adamant about it. I don't advise people to quit, probably because nearly all smokers I know admit it's bad for them and that they should quit. I'd only get mad about someone smoking if they were to intentionally disregard my non-smoking attitude. By, for instance, puffing smoke into my face, something that has yet to happen. Even when my friends offer me a fag in jest, I do not mind.

My objection to smoking stems from how I experienced it within the context of my family.

My dad is a chain smoker. Last time he stayed at my place, he couldn't go watching a film without having a break for a smoke. I believe he can go through a pack a day if given the chance. He smoked like this in the flat I grew up in so I had been a passive smoker for 16 years. I was always afraid of my father and decided to never be like him, so I have a strong sense of not smoking because that's always been his most prominent attribute.

When he made some mistakes that caused him to be homeless and unemployed, he asked me for help so I let him stay with me until he could get back on his feet. I told him that since I don't smoke and my landlord doesn't allow me to people to smoke indoors that he should go outside for a smoke. The first day I came back home from work, my room looked like a chimney. I could see the air being replaced by smoke.

We had a lot of arguments over the month. At times my dad got violent but usually was just making excuses that he can't stop, it's too hard for him to go outside and that he saw other people smoking in their rooms. I tried to explain that since he moved in with me, I had trouble sleeping, I felt dizzy and kept coughing with increased frequency but he just blamed my job rather than passive smoking. While my family kept calling me to shout about how inconsiderate I was, that it's my fault that I got unused to inhaling smoke and that they somehow managed to survive my dad's constant smoking unlike me. The worst thing that they told me is how if my dad doesn't find a job (because I'm being difficult), it'll be my fault they'll lose their income.

I kicked my dad out after a month and haven't spoken to him since.

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Aren't you too old for Pokémon?

I do not consider myself as such!

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