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Do you like cats, Luqman?

Of course

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whats ur twitter username?

is Nazihah your girlfriend? 💕💕

Yes haha

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So thats your new bae? :')

Haha yes

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can i be ur gf just bcoz i need a bf?

follow me back .

Username ?

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did you go to motion ?

What motion? kdu?

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r u in johor now?


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your skype id ape


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Panas panas

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Dekat rumah selalu ckp eng or malay?

Half english half malay

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fav songs?

Starbucks song

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Kaya kan ni? Budak damansara selalu nya bdk kaya

Eh mana ada, biasa2 je la :')

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which part of johor is your kampung?

Mutiara Rini

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Sekolah mana?

Smk seksyen 4 kota damansara

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Hey you 16 ke?

Yes i'am

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who am i its not important haha but i really miss you

Haa okay haha

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I miss you

Aw who is this

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dude, your eyebrows

Why :(

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Who do you like?

My mom and dad

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luq how to know if someone has a crush on us???

Ntah haha

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Reply la :(

Reply apa

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