Ask @LuraDanielle:

What did you do for exercise?

I do P.A.U.L hiit workouts. Basically you do 2 minutes of nonstop working out, with 4 alternating moves of 30 seconds per move and then 30 seconds of rest and repeat for how ever long you want to work out. The first 30 seconds of the 2 minutes is a full body cardio workout like jumprope/jumping jacks, the next focuses on abs, such as as planks, then it focuses on your arms, such as as pushups and the last 30 seconds focuses on your legs, like squats. I usually do about 10 or 15 minutes because that's really all you need for one session.

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Dose anyone know where a ftm transgender can get testosterone but without a letter. I live in Atlanta GA and I haven't found anywhere where they accept signed consent. I need HELP

I personally think you should wait if it's only for the moment. I have nothing against minors or anyone being transgender but I don't think it's a good idea if you don't know 100% that you want to be male. Also, I have no idea where to get testosterone

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Most embarrassing moment?

I have a couple. So one time I was joking about marrying the guy that invented Orajel even though he's dead so my friend shouted out I was into necrophilia. Another time, I accidentally sprayed my self in the face with burn reliever because I didn't realize the nozzle was pointed at me. Another time I was camping and I took a shower in an outhouse type thing and there was a spider in there so I quickly grabbed my clothes and jumped outside naked and got dressed out there. It wasn't in a remote area either

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