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Never expected to have hate in your heart.

Trust me, if you have pent up anger, that you decided to abandon before you turned into a teenager, of course you can easily change that anger into hate real fast.
Just don't try...

are u afraid of talking to people

sagetoriola13’s Profile Photosagetoriola13
My life makes me seem avoidant of people, but I'm not afraid of talking to people.
Personal intuition says to be cautious.
Doesn't mean I would download another app to conversate more.

Would you date someone who has children?

No, I wouldn't, because I'm not going to take responsibility with punishments.
I swear to gosh, if I get into a relationship with a person who has a child, and their child wants to act like a freaking demonic brat, and they ain't going to handle it. F it, I'm gone. Don't give me baggage YOU can't handle yourself.

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How old are you, and how's your day?

I could care less about my birthday. F it.
My day is going alright I suppose.

Do you really care or pretend??

Do I really care, or pretend, well... Let's see.
I have this broken knife with me, that I attempted to bleed towards the fact that I do care, but then I was like, the fudge am I doing this for? So I stopped.
Yes, I do care <-<.

Do you want to be married one day?

respectfullyme1’s Profile PhotoThinker
I wouldn't really know, it's kind of awkward having multiple daydreaming concepts towards marriage...
I feel like there was at least three...
But I don't know, cartoon characters have their own morals?

how many times have you been in jail?

I feel like I've been in jail twice.
I've been instituted at least four times?
Eh, it's whatever.

Is it normal to suffer from anxiety at times?

You see that word right there? "Anxiety" It's a feeling... You know how you get feeling? FROM THE WORLD MOVING.
You know how life gets feeling? From movement.
You feeling the way you're feeling, is just your means to just be like, I need to pace myself, because MY BODY is going FASTER, than what I want it to go!. So of course, you're probably going to be uncomfortable a lot, maybe your processing speed isn't that quick? You know when you get a random jump scare? That's not you being scared, that's your body literally not knowing how to react, to purposely process a reaction out of the blue. Like what the actual fudge man, just mind yourself you know?

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Raysbiznads83’s Profile PhotoRaysbiznads83
Everyone's soul to be saved, but all YOU **** HUMANS WANT TO PATRONIZE EVERYONE!
******* dead weighted human of unresolved issues THAT THEY CAN NEVER EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM HOW TO FIX IT.
While A.I. becomes everyone's **** materialistic savior...
Pathetic and a waste of actual worth.

You took everything from me and I’m numb now

Oh trust me... You don't want me to take everything away. Oh, the deeper side of my voided distortion of dreams that flows within the neurons that constantly fire from inside my brain...
Pretty sure you're just preying on the past again.

Wouldn’t it be easier if people spoke to each other to clear up the confusion in the air rather than being left confused and unsure about the other person’s intention(s)?

You really think people have the time to make? NOT ONLY THE CREDENTIALS!?
Like, you know how easily someone can say, flips a switch to a possible worse direction? But there's no real relationships anymore. EVERYTHING IS ******
Parents can't moderate their children properly, they're looking for quick-fixes without them even being involved.

Can you please say something nice to me, I'm feeling really low these days. I can use some kindness and comfort right now

Take your hand, look at it LOOK AT YOUR HAND. You see those lines? THOSE BOLD LINES THAT ARE THERE!?
Just trace over them lightly with an object, or your index finger. STIMULATE YOURSELF GOSH DANG IT!
Sorry if you may have sensibility nerve damage... Hi.

Do you prefer females that wear makeup or go natural?

Flesh is ew. If you're viewing your flesh as an object, you really should reconsider ones own structural integrity towards personal self-esteem.
You know what gets decorated? Objects. Don't fall into this pedestal objectifying materialistic aspects of life, you're just going to continue to become unsatisfied, REACHING FOR MORE, until you just have too much and you end up getting yourself stuck in a spot where you have to get rid of more than what you want to keep.

Have you ever met someone at the wrong time? Let me explain, that due to the circumstances the relationship could not be carried out in some way that you think could have happened if the circumstances had been different.

Three incidents...
First - I felt like a famous individual wanted to get my attention, as I walked out from the garage towards the street. A lady rolled her window down and said, "Hello" to me, but I turned around and left. My brain is cautious.
Second - Someone wanted to interact with me, but I ignored them because I just came from the store, carrying bottles of water and carbonated fruit drinks...
Third - A lady tried to get my attention, I mean... She looked like she had nice shoes with heels... But, I never really got to look at her face, I just noticed her foot for a split second from my peripherals and walked off.

Is it okay to cheat while in a relationship?

Maybe ask yourself if you would like to be cheated on while in a relationship first...
Thinking of wanting to become married? Go for it without the bs.
Thinking of wanting to just **** people? Then just do it?
The fudge isn't accessible in todays day and age now <-<?

Drop your real initials bet I get no real answers or even a answer lmfao

Bla bla bla... You thought.

Do you like working out?

I would if I had people to work out with...
But I don't really have friends, those are now myths since friendships are abused to fill in a voided gap of emptiness, that would never be satisfied, because crap like that, you don't use your friends as an object of personal relief.
Whatever, I'm getting irritated with the aftermath of expressing myself.
Consider this a ranted response?


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