Ask @LysiTek:

What would your dream date be like?

The weather is cold. It’s just my s/o and I in our bed. We have heaters and plenty of soft blankets. We have warm food like ramen or rice and plenty of snacks. We’re watching anime or other things on the tv. We fall asleep together. The reason I’m saying in a bed is because I’m not that comfortable with PDA and in the privacy of your room, you can do anything. :3
Alternatively, we would be in a Japanese botanical garden. We would look at the koi fishes, then we would sit under cherry blossom trees. We would go to a bunch of Japanese themed places. This is if PDA isn’t a problem or there won’t be much of it.
But in reality, if I’m with the person whom I love. Any time I spend with them would be perfect.

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