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Just saw your answer to the dance question and thank you!! I hope As are going well so far!!

No problem! I hope it helped.
Thanks! I just can't wait to be done.. Haha

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I've been feeling a mental block in dance & I feel so inferior in comparison to other dancers I see. It comes to the point where I can't focus on giving my 100% but instead I'm so caught up in my there anything I could do? I know I shouldn't compare but I just can't help but feel like shit

Hey you. I can totally empathise with that feeling. But it also comes to a point where you focus so much on being like or as good as someone, that you lose your own identity as a dancer. Comparison is good only if you learn from the other. Not beat yourself up because of it. Everyone's body is different. Focus on your own strengths and make those something unique to you and only you. Be the silent hardworker. Let people notice your improvement and commend you for it. But let that also be fuel to be better. Work hard, stay humble and be yourself :)

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HAHAHA that is so true! I need to continue mugging now omg talk to you again soon!!!

Talk to you soon. That's really late.. I'm probably gonna stop soon. Haha. All the best!

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Omg same I live 2 bus stops away from school! I thought living near school meant a lower tendency to pon but it clearly didnt work for me HAHAHA

Exactly what I meant by a little too convenient at times.. hahaha

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Haha yes I live around the vicinity!! I'm assuming you live near your school too?

And that would be correct again. Haha. 2 mrt stops away. And a straight bus alternative. I can blade to and from school as well. So.. pretty convenient. And maybe at times.. a bit too convenient.... Haha.

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So I guess it's similar to theatre in the sense that you can do any skill and topic you want? Haha I'm from Tampines Jc!! You're from ac right?

Yea similar in that sense. Medium used it very flexible to personal preference.
Oh that's far.. for me at least. Do you live near there?
Yes that would be correct.

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I would LOVE to take art but I really suck at it HAHA and geog too! I attended the trial lecture and decided it was way too difficult I don't know how you do it.. all the tectonic plates and stuff oml

Oh really? I'm sure you'd still do fine in art. Art doesn't only come in the form of fine arts.. Haha. We do all sorts of mediums like photography and film. A lot of freedom doing art as an A level subject. Yea geog is hard.. I actually enjoy physical geography quite a bit. I just hate human geography.. I'm very disinterested with regards to urbanisation, globalisation and populations.. Haha. Which school are you from?

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Ooh! I do h2 theatre studies, Econs and lit with h1 math!!

Wow.. Nice. I almost took theatre studies.. and I regret not taking literature..
But I guess if it's any self-consolation, I'm pretty satisfied with Art and H1 Math. Haha.

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What subjects do you do?

H2 Art, Econs, Geography
H1 Math

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Omg I forgot to ask as an anon and now I sound like a complete creepy stalker I'm sorry HAHAHA

Haha you hardly do. Don't worry about it :) we shall get through it together. Just a bit more! Push on!

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How's A level prep so far? I'm personally dying I hope you're not HAHAHA


I'm dying. Hahaha!!!

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What do you think makes a person beautiful?

eyes and soul.

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r u dating minli

am I?

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Why want to punch he/she siah so bad

deserves it HAHAHAHAHAHA still love la

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Why do you keep scolding & hating someone on your twitter LOLOL

cos this person is a slut!!!! Hahahahahaah but I still love the person la. its those damn QB moments u want to punch the face u know... HAHAHAHAHA

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The person who refuses to reply you HAHA

Hahaha I never said that was true!!! hahaha but I shall leave u to ur intepretations :)

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Thanks cpehh ๐Ÿ’•

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Aww someone not texting you back ah?

maybe ;) heeee

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Do you think it's good to text the person you like everyday?

yea definitely is. better than wondering when that person will text u back.

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How was your birthday!!! :)

it was good :) heee!!! but birthdays stopped exciting me 3 yrs back. lol. unfortunately.

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thankssiesss! :)

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Have u watched Insidious 3 yet? If u did, can tell me how was it? If u haven't, would u rather watch Insidious 3 or Jurassic World? I can't decide which to watch haha

i want to watch both.. HAHAHAHA I havent watched both!

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Which museums in SG have u been to before?

just the art museum. and peranakan. idk how spell sorry

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Are you afraid of cats?

I love animals. so no.. hahaha

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