Saudi feminist va gina


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the system
We cheat because there are conditions and agreements and we also do not want to draw attention to what we do. We want to do our work silently. So turning everything over to @mariam16may1986 and The rest of us is in our best interest

Are you sober?

I am a liar who works for the Saudi regime, and this lie is legitimate, if you do not notice the difference between @SandStormMark♌S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied and her brother11A12oct1984 also a year and a month, but unfortunately she loves her male brothers and hates feminists and women. She is not in our benefit.
The only chance we always have is @mariam16may1986 We own her. She quarrels with them. This is for our benefit. But she doesn't know that we control her she is sleeper


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