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What has life taught you so far?

It is a roller coaster. Never let the peaks go to your head and never let the valleys get you down, but whatever you do make sure to take the time to enjoy the ride.

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What is your favorite type of food?

Food. Really just about anything. Typically won't say no to a good steak or good sushi though, but pretty open as far as food goes.

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Do you embrace or fear change?


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Thoughts on heavy metal music?

Meh, not really a fan but not really opposed either

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What's your favorite type of music?

I listen to pretty much anything but probably default to Country the most.

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Favorite part of being a furry?

Tough. Lot's of things. I really love fursuitting though. Being able to make people smile by being a silly fuzzy wuff is a lot of fun.

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Is being single a curse or a blessing?

Both. There were times that is was nice being alone, but overall I am so much happier with @xtevolution :)

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The UEFA Champions League Final takes place this evening. For which team will you be cheering?

The what?

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With summer getting into full force now with this hotter weather, this begs the question: are you more of a warm or cold weather wolf?

Dan C

Moderate temps are best. I don't like extremes. It could stay sunny and 60/70's year round and I wouldn't complain.

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What is your favorite type of sushi?

Um, sushi? Depends on where I am at. Just about any sushi is good though.

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Name one thing you dream about at night!

Why do so many girls make duck-faces in pictures?

Wait, they are making duck-faces? Thought that is just the way they look. #itsagaything

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That speechless moment when…

I have nothing to say................ what part of speechless did you not understand?

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What color dominates your wardrobe?

None really. Probably tend to lean more towards darker colors, for outerwear at least, but have a broad spectrum of colors overall.

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Would you rather jog with a cool sports watch or cool running shoes?

Do you “steal” food from refrigerator in late evenings and nights?

Steal: no. Tactically acquire: maybe.

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What word describes your day?


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Which part of day is the most productive for you?

The part where I am not at work?

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What is your one guilty pleasure?

My fox @xtevolution *smirks*

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High heels or sneakers?

Depends on my mood..... Typically just wear my Caterpillar steel toes though.

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Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?

I would prefer to drive myself.

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What was the smartest decision you have ever made?

Finally deciding to give my fox @xtevolution a chance. He is an amazing man and an awesome boyfriend :)

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Do you try to look attractive when you go to the local grocery store?

I never bother trying to look attractive, just rather look like myself.

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What’s one thing that would make you extremely happy?

Just being with my fox @xtevolution makes me extremely happy

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Which is stronger – love or hate?

Really depends on how much of your heart you put behind it. Both can be very powerful.

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