Ask @MTR8363:

Who would you consider the most famous person you ever interacted with online (Ex: A video, a response to one of your YouTube comments, Twitter replies, etc)?

I hate to say it...but in terms of subscriber count, ProtoMario.
That said, there was also ThatCreepyReading. I actually have him on Skype, I think. And there's also like technically PieGuyRulz (via YouTube stream/Twitter DM's) and Nathaniel Bandy (I think, mainly on Twitter).

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Which movie do you prefer: The Simpsons Movie or South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut?

Holy frick! I haven't been on in a while! How is everybody?
Honestly, The Simpsons Movie. I know, I'm going to be the minority here, but I just personally think that there was a bit more comedy in this movie than in the South Park movie. (Or at least from what I could remember.)

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Have you ever watched the web series Bravest Warriors? If so, what do you think about them requiring you to get an app called VRV to be able to watch the rest of season 3 (which is only available in the U.S)?

I haven't watched any of the episodes yet (as I have no idea where the first episode is), but I've heard about the incident.
Basically, RebelTaxi summed it up perfectly well, considering the fact that animators had to deal with watch time being more important than views as well as the animators taking them more time to produce, I can understand as to why they would do that method and THEN release it on YouTube for free simply because they need more monies to work and stuff.

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