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Kaya kisi bhe kaam k leye plannings karna must hota hai or luck par depend karta hai. Bcs kuch persons plannings to karty hain but opposite ho jata hai . Is ke kaya reason ho sakty hai.?

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Ary Zobbi Dobbi wo iss liye k hum planners hain he nhi infact. PLANER WO Allah hai jb hum kuch plan kr rahy hoty hain tu wo Allah Farmata ha Mai QADIR hun HoGa wahi jo MAI Chahounga tab he tu her Kam krny sy pahly InshaAllah kahna chaheyay

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Today I messed up with an Indian on Twitter.He was saying there is no Kashmir in Pakistan. Kashmir belongs to India.

India claims Kashmir to b its integral part but has left no stone unturned in making kashmiri’s persecuted,supressed and victimized on their own land.From innocent killings to imposing PSA (Public Safety Act) for asking for dead bodies,from illegal occupation to unnecessary lockdown for months,they have left no option for kashmiris to tolerate them anymore.
On the flip side,there is a poor country Pakistan who takes loan from other countries so that they can speak for Kashmiri people on the international platforms.we are the ones who give them a hope to live and survive.Undoubtedly,pakistan must b having some of their own benefits too,but what we do for them can't be neglected.we deserve all the love and admiration from Kashmir.
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