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Who long have you been dating Ryan?

Almost 4 months

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What do you usually forget?

everything dude. im an unorganized person

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i can make your bed rock gurl

do it boi

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I have been in and out of you

Why do you take medication?

why do normal ppl take medication? because somethings wrong health wise

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you told me to ask you a question on twitter

this isn't a question. this is a comment.

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Why are you dating Ryan Dammeier?

lol @ you

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WHy DId YOu COMe TO TOleDo?!

BEcaUSe mY MOm MadE mE? lol

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Have ya fallen in luv with some1 you have not met


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What magic words do you know? c:

abracadabra & bibbidi bobbidi boo

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Be my gf?

Be my bf?

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You have a big nose?

& you have a big mouth

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You Can Be A Bitch Sometimes

yous a qt baby

so are u ;)

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You Are Thirsty

I Admit It hahahahhahahahah

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how many siblings do you have?

4 + myself. my mom has 5 kids

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What can you do to make this world a better place?

you tell me

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why did you make a new twitter

i lost my password

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you seem like you have a wide vocab

umm not necessarily. but thanks?

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you're hot makiah (:


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how many iphone's have you had??

your phat

you're* an idiot

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