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Do you believe in love?

Of course.
But I also believe there's a difference between love and falling in love.
I love French fries.
I'm in love with Josh.
That's how it works.

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How is everyone doing? Do you think I am evil, too?

It depends. Because anon, I don't know who you are. You are anon. You might be evil, and I might think so. You might not be evil, and I might still think so. The question is; have you done something that was evil?

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This is my best friend. She's kind of an asshole too, but that's why we're best friends. I can trust her with anything and everything. We've been best friends for 6 years and gone through everything together. Guy troubles, depression, whatever.
I am honestly so blessed to have her.
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how long do you plan to date josh?

I honestly don't plan anything for my relationship.
I hope to stay with him forever, obviously.
If we break up, we break up.
But it definitely isn't happening anytime soon.
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How do men understand ‘romance’?

I don't think they actually "understand" it. It's more like a shot in the dark, and hoping the girl would love it.
I may be wrong, some men might actually totally get it.
But I'm assuming most of those men are fruity.
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I get to be question 100. WHOO! I just wanted to say I love you so much. I was reading all your answers and I wanted to tell you that you mean the entire world to me. You're so amazing and perfect. You're the best thing in my life, and the best girlfriend ever. I love you. - bgbbfae<3 c:

Thanks, Anon! You da best.(;


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