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What are you gonna do when he starts talking or dating another girl?

it's literally going to kill me, but I'll have to accept it. I want what's best for him.

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what exactly happened with u and rylan if you don't mind me asking...

lol read my previous questions and you can probably figure that out, but with the talking from people, both of our families, and just me and him it kinda just pushed us apart where we aren't the same anymore.

Are you happy that you had sex with him even though it didn't change anything and he's still a douche?

it actually did change things, it changed us. we can't even get along anymore to save our lives. everything is different
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Heard it from Rylan. Amd the whole booneville school is talking about it.

we didn't get CAUGHT HAVING sex, so half of what you are hearing isn't true and has been added on.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

I'm going to boonevilles game tonight then I might go to Starkville tomorrow dunno yet

you're only a sophomore in high school. don't worry your life away over these boys. you're beautiful and you don't need a man to be happy! 💗

you're so sweet :-) this has made my day. if you don't minds me asking, who is this?
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