Ask @Madeline963:

yes but that isn't my fault my mom said I could and I asked her yesterday and she said I have school bc you gave me the dates then

It's ok Maddy!!

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ahahahaha no I'm not I love you and noo HUNNY he's mine!!! I called dibbs and he's mine anyways soo...

Right....well in this case he chose me over me and you but he already gave me a ring soo....sorry maybe never?

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maddy we know you're blonde it's okayy we will help you out. we understand

*laughing emoji* your just plain's just a hair color!! Lol but it's ok that people like you aren't able to get Jack Dail like I did

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ahahahaha su you know I'm naturally blonde so stop insulting me... it's not my fault I get it from my mother

I'm natural and fully blonde so su you goat

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