Ask @Madisonshook:

What is happiness for you? *make a long list*

Getting to sleep in.
Getting "I miss you" texts.
Seeing my bestfriends.
Making jokes & making people laugh.
Sleeping in my bed after being away for awhile
Drinking coffee & feeling grown up.
Making good grades on hard tests.
Back road driving or hunting with the boys
Getting called beautiful.
When someone goes out of their way to do something for me.
Getting kisses on the forehead.
Watching meteor showers on the back porch.
Reading a book that I never want to reach the final page of.
Chick flicks. Watch them with me & I'll love you forever.
Getting pizza delivered to the front door.
Having the door/car door opened for me.. seeing that I'm cared about
Two stepping & getting lost in the music
Taking pictures of everything-capturing every moment
Going hiking & being away from the world for an hour or two.
& most importantly knowing that God died for my sins and holds a new day for me every morning so I can have happiness all the days of my life.

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