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Likers get OBTT (one bad thing abt them) ?

I'm here on ask.fm to spread positivity and not spread hate.
I hate those people, specially the girls who act hard to get. Just coz someone's got a pretty face doesn't mean he/she is superior.
And likers get to see my funny and sometimes deep answers and if they believe they've got something nice or deep, then I'm a fan of art of all kind.🙏
(Plus why tf is it taking me so long to get likes nowadays?

Some muslims are down to earth m sure u are one of them.😊

And it's not about a particular religion.
Every religion has beautiful people.
It's just that on an avg, Muslims are more religious and that makes them a good human.
It's what every religion is all about.
No religion tells to hate other religions or harm others.
Amd thank you so much.💎

You got big tits lmao 😂🤣 how?

Answering both your questions at once.
There's a thing called gym that gives you big firm muscles which is called a chest that is loved by all.
In easy words, chest is not breast.😊
You got big tits lmao  how


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