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I knw But why u r talking as if I'm a guy

منا مش عارف جنس ملة امك ايه والله بالانون الخرة ده :"

Khara l7aalk 🌚💔

هيهيهي بهزر معاك يعم

Ok ya 3am 😂 3amiil eeh?

كويس مش بطال

Ya rb daymn 🙋🏿‍♀️💛 3ndk e7timalat who's talking to you?

لا حقيقي

Too bad.. Yalla nice talking to you 🙋🏿‍♀️ Ttyl

اكيد مش هعرف حد من غير ما يبين اى حاجه تحدد هويته :"

U r lying, you have someone in ur mind and yup maybe it's me.

اديني حاجة اعرفك منها وانا هخمن

I guess I'll be blocked if you knew me

لا مش ببلك حد دونت وري

You hate me

كفاية دراما , انت مين ؟

Hahahahahahaha msh drama You hate me seriously

ليه هكرهك؟

I disappeared again

لا مش بكره حد عشان اختفى عادى

Cool .💛 I'm relieved now. I'm leaving then. 💕 Have a great time 💛 Sorry for bothering.

ايوة انت مين برضو ؟

Cool cool I'm gonna start making hints.. Be careful 😂 "

lol okay

Lying again. I guess if I wrote a certain word I'll be busted 🌚💔


I know that you knew me from the first place, don't lie 🙆🏿

hahahahahah right

Enjoy the rest of your night 💜.. Nice talking to you 💜 It brings alot of good memories, especially here.

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