Ask @MaggieRBLX:

explain you copying grotty and I already sent this to her

first off, how is chatleaking going to help you at all? honestly is it illegal to be using the same program as someone who also has a mac???? also I used her as inspiration and tips.. its not like I am copying her designs, its a completely different concept and I'm making facepaints to be overlaid on a normal roblox face to enhance it. it ties into the theme of the runway and the HRs and I thought it would be a new fun idea but you had to chatleak. its coming out next week so its not like its a problem with some people knowing, but seriously i dont know how making facepaint is copying grotty but ok
ily grotty and i have no intentions of copying you or eerie at all. if you'd like to know my plans I'd be glad to tell you IN PRIVATE but im in no way trying to turn megax back into the copying group it was before @Grotesquette

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