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포니 좋아하세요?

솔직히 말씀드려서, 막 좋아하는건 아닌데 싫어하는건 아닌 정도?
귀엽고(갠적으로 트왈라), 친구나 유튜브 통해서 많이 봐와서 언제 한번 파볼까..도 했는데
이미 덕질을 하고 있는게 있어서 ㅋㅋ;
이것저것 다양하게 파고 다니기 보단, 한두개씩 오래 물고 늘어지는 스타일이거든요.

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who are the best players GG2K has ever had and why are they the best? do they still play? is it true you guys are an alternate dimension of GG2 forums and are the Korean versions of everyone, like the Korean Techno Viking and so on?

There were many great players back in the days. I'm not sure if you recognize them though.
To name some, I'd say 'Saiyu' and 'SEXING', they're founders of my clan [GIBS].
Not only they were good at playing, they were good-mannered, and most of all, loved GG2 itself.
Too bad they're not around anymore..
Alternate dimension? The funny thing is,
I was wondering the same too, whether GG2F is alternate dimension of GG2K? :D
There were some memorable people, and moments in our community, not sure if it matches with yours though.
hmm, Techno Viking.. He was awesome in INSmod, bet he's the manliest of all in GG2F? XD

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