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مهدي💛؟ عسى ربي يحفظك و يخليك للي يحبونك و ربي يوفقك ف حياتك و انشالله تتحقق كل امانيك و طبعا لو كنت تدرس عسى ربي يوفقك ف دراستك و لو تشتغل هم بشغلك أهم شي أنه الكلام طالع من قلب 😌💛 اختك نرمين البستكي 💛

Aww thanks ❤️

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For u🌞💕

السلام و علیک یا اباعبدالله
من لی غیرو ، من لی غیرو
من که ندارم کسی رو به غیرت
آرزومه با دعاهای خیرت
پا بذارم جای پای زهیرت
انی سلم لمن سالمکم
و حربٌ لمن حاربکم
قلبم میزنه با ضرب سینه زنیت
می خونه عشق منه یا حسین
تو کل دنیا فقط حسین دلسوزمه
یکی یکی هیات ها مسیر هرروزمه
السلام، السلام ای شهید کریلا
ماه روی نیزه ها می کشی مرا
السلام، السلام ای شهید کربلا
ماه روی نیزه ها می کشیم
منی که هر نفسم اسم تو گفتم
نکنه یه روزی از چشات بی افتم
به منه مرده جون تازه دادی
برا نوکریت به من اجازه دادی
حرمت رویای من
ولی من دنیای من
بنویسید روی سنگ قبر من
آقای من دنیای من
اللهم الجعل محیایَ محیا
من برای تو گریه می کنم
تو برای من آقای من
حی علی البکا، حی علی البکا
فی ماتم الحسین مظلوم کربلا
حی علی البکا، حی علی البکا
فی ماتم الحسین مظلوم کربلا
عریان کربلا عطشان کربلا
سلطان کربلا ، سلطان کربلا
دستم را بگیر تو دریایی من کویر
امیری نعم الامیر یا حسین
حرم نگو خونمه عزیز تر از جونمه
با دست نشونم بده بگو که دیونمه
چقده بگم آقا هوات و کردم
کاش بیام به کربلات و بر نگردم
به صدام اَمون بده به دلم جنون بده
بی سر و سامونتم بیا به من سامون بده
لیلای من یک خبری به مجنون بده
من که مردم کربلات و نشون بده سامون بده
این الطالب بدم المقتول بکربلا
این الطالب بدم المقتول بکربلا
این الطالب بدم المقتول بکربلا
این الطالب بدم المقتول بکربلا
این الطالب بدم المقتول بکربلا
حی علی العزا حی علی العزا
فی ماتم الحسین مظلوم کربلا

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Space |some like's⚜❤️..

Abbas AS could not see her (sakina) AS thirsty and crying "Al-Atash" (the thirst).
When Abbas AS entered the battlefield, he only had a dagger and a bag for water in his hands. Once he had made it to the river, he started filling the bag with water. Abbas's loyalty to Husayn AS was so great, that Abbas did not drink any water because he could not bear the thought that Sakina was thirsty. After gathering the water, Abbas rode back towards the camp.
On his way back, he was struck from behind and one of his arms was amputated. Then, he was stuck from behind again, amputating his other arm. Abbas was now carrying the water-bag in his mouth. The army of Yazid ibn Muawiyah started shooting arrows at him. One arrow hit the water-skin and water poured out of it. At that moment, Abbas lost all hope. One of Yazid's men hit his head with a mace and Abbas fell off his horse without the support of his arms. As he was falling, he called, "Ya Akkha" (Oh Master).
He tossed on the burning sand with excruciating pain. He called for his master. Husayn immediately came to him lifting his head and taking it into his lap. He said "My brother what have they done to you?" Abbas replied, "You have come at last, my Master. I thought I was not destined to have a last look at you but, thank God, you are here." Then he said, "My Master, I have some last wishes to express. When I was born, I had first looked at your face and it is my last desire that when I die, my gaze may be on your face. My one eye is pierced by an arrow and the other is filled with blood.
If you will clear the eye I will be able to see you and fulfill my last dying desire. My second wish is that when I die, you should not carry my body to the camp. I had promised to bring water to Sakina and since I have failed in my attempts to bring her water, I cannot face her even in death. Besides, I know that the blows that you have received since morning have all but crushed you and carrying my body to the camp will be back-breaking work for you.

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