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What makes you really nervous?

Doctor’s questions. I’ve been a lil sick since weeks and been to different docs and everytime they ask me questions. I get so damn nervous, I mean I shouldn’t be? That’s a doc, he’ll just help but idk it gets weird so before going there I tell everything to maa and ask her to talk to doc and not bring me in between although I’m the dumb patient and doc always try to ask me instead my parents😫

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What do you do if you’re alone on Valentine’s day?

I’ve not gotten out of bed since yesterday and my mother is mad at me bec of that, matlab it’d have been better if I lied to her about going to college and then to date w some guy. Eik tou my parents just don’t realise how lucky they’re to have a daughter like me who lets all such opportunities go bec of her lazyass

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Yeah, if I was a good influence on you, prolly you'd be the most sensible and mature person on this planet.

Lmao, god forbid I’d rather choke on my own saliva and die than even have to encounter sucha dumbfuck irl so question of ‘influence’ doesn’t exist here. Also, babe. I’m probably the most sensible person in your life who just told u that being address as a fuckboi is no coolio but just some dumb kids move, so accept it and calm your manboobs

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