Ask @Mahnigha:

Have you heard of the internet? If not check em out ! And listen to "Girl" let me know if you like it or not haha

I dig that it sounds melodicish. aaaaand I like the video too a lot.
I've been getting into chillstep and melodic dubstep which is a total eargasm for all who appreciate that music.

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"Come on baby,light my fire " what was your favorite scene from the doors ?

When Jims up on stage and he's dancing like the native Americans do and it shows I guess the Indian guys spirit dancing with him as if he's got a ghost attached to him. Idk what it is but it moved me in a way. I felt something sweet and peaceful.

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Cold nights in my bed Constantly checking my phone Seeing if you'd call,mind blown The one thing I could call my own I had to disown Forever lost,will I find my way home ? Will we ever exist? Or will i be forced to reminisce? Forever dwell on the bliss Of past times locking lips? ya feel?

I love it. who are you??

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Like an eagle I can love ,but also fly away When clouds were gray, I'd sit and stay Sometimes I'd pray Mind seemed to decay What I really need is some space Perhaps a place Or a race ,that truly understands me Knows what it's like to want to spread your wings and fly free ! Better ayy?

absolutely better! I totally dig this one🙌

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Your eyes pierce the soul -your spirit never grows old When I first met you ,my world got stole -When you're far away my soul,it Feels as if it's not whole Ya dig ?

ummm I don't dig the fact that you reuse soul. you've got the basics down but I think you could think harder and make it better 😊

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