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Random thoughts? 💯

YOU messaged her first. YOU begged for her attention. Finally she replied. You became friends. You fell for her and proposed her. She accepted. 🙅After some time, she was mad for you. Completely in love she was. Even she had planned a future with you. Texting you whole day and late night talks.🔥Giving you everything she had. Her time, her attention, her love and support. Everything was going perfect. You kept assuring her that you won't leave, every moment. Her feelings for you became stronger and stronger. 💗She had become so involved in you that she couldn't even think of any other guy. And that was the tym when you started thinking she is mad or what, completely frustrated you were. You started ignoring her. 💯She cried every minute but still loved you alot. Then you came to know that things are not working. You decided to leave. Wow. She was burst in tears. Completely heart broken, shattered and collapsed.That moment changed her whole so called life. You made her a lifeless creature. I just want to ask one thing. Why dude? Can you imagine kaise sambhala hoga usne khud ko???? I think you don't.☻ Don't destroy a girl's life, her future, her feelings only for one stupid thing 'Attraction', if you can't marry her, you don't have a SINGLE RIGHT over her. You need to understand that it's not as simple as you think. Every guy should realize that girls are not for fun. They are someone's daughter and somebody's sister. But you won't understand this unless or until some other guy like you does the same shit with your daughter. Open your eyes and be true to yourself dude, if not to others. 💯
Lastly, DON'T make promises if you don't have the guts to fulfill them. And don't let her develop feelings for you if you're not sincere. And you should realize that you're wrong. And if you're not realizing, then time will make you realize this. Mark my word.

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