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✨William Mary✨

ta_rekk’s Profile PhotoAΚıhıto.
I really apologize if it seems like I've stopped talking to some people, I still remember my music friend & Alex & Sara & Ahmed & Viola I really enjoyed talking to you guys, but the problem is that I talk to nice people and we get to know each other without knowing their accounts. I have no problem with that, but when I wanna know whether they're doing fine or even talking to them again, I simply cannot... so dear anyone/everyone who has ever met or known me, I can at least let you know I have not forgotten anyone and I would be very happy if I could talk to you again.. I'm an emotional mess today lol but I'm still serious tho

Ah well im just sorry cuz i never know what to call u when we talk, so i thought maybe id ask u so u can give me a name to call u by? xD Btw ur a nice person and a pretty gr8 friend :)

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
aww thank you! you're so nice 💛 feel free to talk to me any time you want and no need to be sorry at all, I love it when people call me william or will it's one of my top 3 fave nicknames! but as I said before u can cell me whatever u want
+1 answer in: “Ello again haha im sorry, but what shall i call u cuz i never know what to call u when we talk.?”

‏كم يلزمنا من الجرأة لنحسم صراعاتنا من الداخل؟، ونحطّم هذا الحاجز ونمضي في الطريق لنكون كما نحب أن نكون ؟

تمنيت افيدك، بس للاسف ماوصلت لسه لذي المرحله ولسه ماحسمت اي صراع سواء داخلي او فمحيطي الخارجي، بس اتوقع اننا نحتاج وقت كثير ومو شيء سهل ف لا تجبر نفسك وخذ وقتك، فالنهايه اكيد بتجي لحظتنا المهمه اللي ننتظر نوصلها من زمان 💛

Im having a mental breakdown right now😔 what should i do ? Im fucking depressed too and I literally dont even know why i came and told you this, Idek you woah f*ck my life

Hi sorry u have to go through ugly breakdowns these fuckers suck :( my coping mechanism is basically listening to music that make me feel a little better and do something that’d distract me (paint/read/youtube/anime) anything really, sorry this isn’t helpful i know i suck but just remember there are better days coming your way, keep going and never give up.

Noooo i didn’t mean it to be a bad thing, it’s cool 🌚..and honestly? This world really doesn’t deserve us 😂

Hahaha okie it’s cool! Lol u agree with me tho right! That is why there is a gang like our gang just for the special people.. one day we will conquer the world

Wait really? I don’t know much about the statics but damn 4% 😂..and it’s cool that you were addicted 🌚

Yeahh boi we are very special this world doesn't deserve us lol jk 😭😂 a minute ago it was a bad thing and now it’s cool? 😂😂

No i wasn’t that addicted 🌚 like maybe when i used to play ps3, i found you through the hashtag of the infp so yeah i know about it..i’m infp 🦊

Well I admit I was addicted lol.. ohh I didn’t expect this! 😂 that's awesome! we are the 4% !!!!
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Hahaha that’s cool..i used to play A LOT back in the days but not anymore, got bored of everything..i played pubg too a few times with my friends, oh and good luck with your exams 💙 hey are you infp?

Same ugh I used to do the same and didn’t sleep all day or even eat my meals, my mother used to call me "zombie" 😭 All my friends are playing pubg so I download the game and I think it’s really a good one! Ah thanks wallah I'll try to do my best.. and yes omg u know about MBTI personality test? Cool! I'm an infp but also enfp I switch between e and i mm what's your mbti type?

Try your best to studyy, what kind of games do you play? Probably will meet up with my friend..what do you study btw? If you don’t mind me asking that

I will thanks! I'm not obsessed with games but just play them from time to time, there is “ lords mobile “ and three days ago, I played PUBG for the first time and I started really getting into it 😭😂 no it's totally okay, It's not like it's a secret I'm studying English Literature
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