Ask @MainManMilez:

Favorite president?

In short: LBJ.
In not as short: Wow, good question. I was born in '97, which means I've really only been old enough to experience one good president. While Obama is a hero, FDR is up there (I know, typical liberal answer), and I think LBJ was a good president, at least in terms of domestic/economic policy. Vietnam was a disaster, and opponents like to point that out, but if you look at his "Great Society" policies, Obama is the first Democrat since Johnson to be as good. I also like Teddy Roosevelt, for his anti-trust efforts during the gilded age.

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Favorite album from your top 5 favorite artists (so not just a normal top 5)

Order not considered:
1. The Beatles- Magical Mystery Tour
2. Harry Nilsson- Son of Schmilsson
3. Pink Floyd- Piper At The Gates of Dawn (this one changes frequently)
4. Bob Dylan- Bringing It All Back Home
5. The Band- Music From Big Pink
Bonus: Bob and The Band- Before The Flood (Included as bonus because artists already on list, but technically different)
**This list changes a lot. I did this in just a few minutes without really thinking about it. Of course, there are many more that will infiltrate this list. I just looked at my favorites of the last few years and this is what I've come up with.

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