Ask @MajaNataliaBachniuk:

Is there a story behind your profile picture? What is it?

Yeah, I decided to bring my camera into school and take leavers pictures like at the beggining of May and me and Courtney were trying to pose for a picture and look nutral but Taydra reminded us of that piggy back race where i fallen flat on my face so i started laughting my ass off as was Courtney and then i leaned on her cause i couldn't cope myself standing and Taydra went "Pose" so we just put our hands infront of our faces in the peace gasture.

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Why haven't you been on here for so long? You were getting pretty popular here and gaining a lot of fans, what happened?

Well we're both pregnant.... Just kidding! We've had our actual exams and didn't really have time plus there was like 2 huge friendship issues which I'm sure half our school knew about but we had it all sorted out by The end of June and I forgot we had this plus I got a new iPod so I had to redownload the app recently once I remembered this existed and now here we are back on the page. I noticed that we lost like around 40+ followers over the past 4 months but oh well we'll earn it and the likes back. By the way it's my birthday in 8 days and Courtney's in 9 days so feel free to make those send throughs you do every year guys. We're back!

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Choosing a drugged up boy over your friends is the sluttiest move you've ever made. Wow you really must be desperate.

Excuse me? How dare you speak of Frenchie this way? I've never chosen him over any of my friends thank you very much. Pretty sure chosing someone over your friends isnt even slutty but alright. Yeah i'm desperate for his love but when he made me cry my eyes out i realised that i aint getting it. Can everyone move on? This was a while ago and i want to forget about it!

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Co sądzisz o WrestleManii32? Rozpisz się 😘😘😘💖

Becky Lynch Polska
Kobitki pokazały po co są wrestlerkami i że zasłużyły na wielki respekt w świecie wrestlingu. Jak dla mnie to Sasha albo Becky powinny wygrać i mieć swój wielki moment na Wrestlemani. Team bad and blonde vs total divas było wspaniałe chociaż chciała bym zobaczyć więcej Lany, a wygrana Brie była specjalna i Brie na taki moment zasłużyła! Shane vs Undertaker było mega! Shane na pewno pokazał że dalej ma to coś w sobie i że zasłużył na taki epicki moment na WM. Roman vs HHH zarąbista walka obydwoje pokazali na co ich stać i ten spear na Stephanie to po prostu rewelacja, lecz ja wciąż wole Triple H i lepiej by było jakby on wygrał! Zack Ryder wreszcie miał swój zasłużony moment na WM, po tylu latach starań nareszcie coś z tego zyskał, to nic że na Raw przegrał pas, miał swój moment na WM i to najważniejsze. Reszta walk też były fajne i ta WM była lepsza od 31, w 31 jedyne co było dobre to to że Seth został Chempionem bejbeeej 😂

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