You mentioned a Hadith @OMA today that says not to ask about things which, if revealed to you, would be hard for you (smthg along those lines). Could you explain that pls? For ex., I asked about discharge and learnt that I have to renew my wudu everytime (hard for me to do). Should I not hve asked?

The verse in the Quran 5:101 is about prohibiting the believers from asking the Prophet about rulings of things which Allah didn't reveal a ruling about them.
It isn't about seeking knowledge from the scholars. On the contrary, God required us to ask the scholars when we don't know. The Prophet said: seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim. A person who does something wrong because they have failed to seek knowledge when they could/should have, is guilty for remaining in ignorance, and isn't excused because of their lack of knowledge.
I hope this explains.
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