I sold a bag on eBay, dropped it to shipping company, before it reached the buyer she asked to cancel the order. According to eBay policy on this item, the buyer cannot return the item. She sent me back the bag and asking for her money; eBay allows me to keep bag and money; is it Haram to keep both?

There are several minimums of return policies that Muslims are required to abide by.
One of them is: the right to return a merchandise before receiving it. For the Prophet said: "the buyer and seller both have the right to cancel their sale as long as they do not depart each other." Meaning, if the buyer received the good and departed, then you're not obliged to accept a return afterwards unless there's another reason (defect, deceit, etc)
The buyer in your case is responsible for all shipping and repackaging/restocking fees, and you're obliged to accept the cancellation.

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