Ask @MaliKTalHa90:

If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for? ?

دھنرے دنیا اپنی دھن
پرائی دھنی کا پاپ نہ بھن
تیری روح ہی میں چار بنولے
سب سے پہلے ان کو چن
bandy ko khud pure hona chahiye baki sb khud set ho jaye ga...agar sb yehi sochny lagy to ho gya sab ka bhala phir ^_^

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Random thoughts?

Nothing happens in your life is random. Everything is already planned by The best of Planner. Every failure, every closed door, every stumbling block, every success, every disappointment has all helped to make you into who you're today. Thank the Almighty Allah for everything we have today?

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