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Kaisa hai jani

Fit Tu suna

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miss you man

You too whoever you are

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Planning to ask that someone out?

It's 2016....... why do I even check this website

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And when are you planning to do that?


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Anyone in mind you'd want to date?

So why don't you ask somebody out?

It's just been a week, I have chill

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What courses do you have this semester?

All sdsb fml

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Are you interested in somebody atm?

Not really, up 4 datin

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Why don't you date your gal friends?

I'm not interested like that in them

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Is there a wifi connection in hostel?

Yeahhh not in the newest building tho yet

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Hows does it feel? Being back

Miss home more than I did last year

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Check for headphones, they have a nice variety + cool prices

Thankyou I'll definitely check

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Hey, sorry for being annoying How earlier should I register for SAT to get a seat in my own city

A month just to be safe

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I don't have any friends in AL, wat 2 do

What's AL?

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What artist would you call a "sellout"?

Coldplay, Metallica, Maroon 5, Slash come to mind

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Are you a feminist?

Most certainly

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what's your gpa ?

It's gud I am happy

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Bad sad dreamz whatsup with hoh

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I stalked you really good and im here to tell you that im coming for you,LAHORE

Are you coming for Lahore or to Lahore

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Me n my gf planed to run away,i was ready n she ran just not with me 😭


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Thanks man, stay bless

Will try

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The new SAT is out of 1600

Lucky. Just get 70% percent something

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