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Hello sir, we really miss your brilliant mind in MC and hope that you come back! I just want to know how you are and what you're doing at the moment. God bless! :)

People come and people go. Life is like that.
That's why you have to learn to appreciate people while you have them around.
Right now, I don't think I'll be coming back to MC ... ever.
I'm still alive and not planning to kill myself anytime soon.
I intend to place a well-aimed combat boot on Moneymaking Corporation's arrogant posterior first.
Thank you for asking.

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What is/are the importance of the transfiguration of Jesus/ what does is it trying to tell us?

The core group of the Twelve (Simon Peter and the sons of Zebedee) witnessed Jesus' change of appearance, described in the Synoptic accounts (Mark 9 || Matthew 17 || Luke 9). Paragraph 556 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church [] gives this:
"The Transfiguration 'is the sacrament of the second regeneration': our own Resurrection. From now on we share in the Lord's Resurrection through the Spirit who acts in the sacraments of the Body of Christ. The Transfiguration gives us a foretaste of Christ's glorious coming, when he 'will change our lowly body to be like his glorious body.'"

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what is the metaphor that best describes yourself?

"I am a living contradiction in terms."

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Hi sir! How are you, really? :)

Right now, I am not OK.
First, I am over-committed. Teaching 7 undergraduate classes + 1 postgraduate class. Studying 9 units for my PhD. Rehearsals for our upcoming musicale "Mariang Makiling" (I will be singing; so please watch us on November 13, 7 pm @Marian Auditorium!).
Second, I assume you know what's happening to some of your Miriam College professors [#MCKeepOurTeachers] who are going to be dismissed summarily.
Thank you for asking, whoever you are. :)

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Hi sir! I have been battling depression for years now and a lot of my friends asks me about my past but I don't really tell them the truth bc I don't think they'll understand and take me seriously. What should I do? I have thoughts of dropping out and enroll in an open school? :D Thank you so much.

I'm so sorry to hear about your battle with depression.
I have undergone it myself in a less severe but no less serious form, but without resorting to clinical intervention.
You don't have to broadcast everything in your life, including your past.
You can choose to reveal this only to those you believe that you can trust. Although, there is no guarantee that they will understand.
Thoughts and feelings are simply such, unless you act on them.
Before deciding on such thoughts and feelings, consult with competent people you can trust and then discern.
God bless you.

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What are your thoughts on committed young couples (17-21) engaging in premarital sex?

I am not surprised.
The exercise of sexuality, according to the Judaeo-Christian tradition, is a gift from God to humanity; therefore, it is good.
However, practice of sexual activity outside the context of permanence and fidelity envisioned in marriage makes it an INCOMPLETE good.
The untoward consequences of sexual activity outside marriage are well known and will not be discussed here.
So, why settle for just good, when you can have better? :)

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Hi! Sir, in love (in a romantic kind of way) po ako sa isang tao na same kami ng gender. Same naman po kami ng feelings, pero we're not committed to each other- ayaw po kasi maning mag lie sa parents namin. Mali po ba na mainlove ako sa kapwa babae?

Emotions / feelings are amoral, i.e., they are neither right nor wrong.
However, emotions / feelings move human beings to act in a certain way, which can be either right or wrong.
So your attraction in itself [in my own opinion] is amoral. However, what you freely choose to do with that attraction will have moral consequences -- for better or for worse.
Feelings are often very unreliable and should not be used as the ONLY basis for any relationship. Feelings, no matter how intense, will come and will go -- sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly.
I don't know how young both of you are, but I think you're better off focusing on other MORE important things for now -- like getting to know yourself better and studying well and finishing your degree and making use of the limited time and energy to become a competent and caring individual with a clear vision and purpose who not only can fend for oneself in a harsh and cruel world but also contribute to building a better society.

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Sir, when's your birthday? :)

Tapos na po. ;-)

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Sir, what are your hobbies? :)

And I thought I answered this question before ... @_@
I am a bibliophile. I read anything & everything I find interesting, fiction AND nonfiction.
I like learning new things. So, aside from reading, I take online courses when time allows. Yeah, I also have a tendency to accumulate academic degrees.
I also like sharing my knowledge, formally and informally.
My taste in music is also eclectic. [I think I listed my favorite songs here somewhere.] I sing in the shower and outside it, too.
Yes, I watch films & TV series [usually at home] when I have time.
I am active on online social media, but I have yet to become a serious blogger.
When I have the opportunity, I go to the gym & work out, ride my mountain bike in Pampanga, and climb mountains.
Because I'm growing older and have little time for it, I love taking long naps.
And, yes, while it may not be so obvious, I live to eat! I love taho, tuna sashimi, pizza, & my Mama's cooking. ;-)

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Sir, how do i deal with overbearing parents? I don't want to come off ungrateful, but sometimes (ok, most of the time) being their daughter is exhausting.

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Parenthood [biological & spiritual] often tends to make people irrational. The general assumption is that parents, out of love, want the best for their children. Unfortunately, they aren't infallible and are subject to error.
"Children, obey your parents [in the Lord], for this is right. 'Honor your father and mother.' This is the first commandment with a promise, 'that it may go well with you and that you may have a long life on earth.'" (Ephesians 6:13, NABRE)
The least you can do is to continue loving and honoring your parents -- even if they make mistakes. You can try to respectfully and lovingly dialogue with them by asking their expectations and then sharing sincerely your own thoughts & feelings. No guarantee that they will listen, though, but at least you tried.
But until you can support yourself & live independently, you will -- like Jesus did -- have to be subject to them.

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Hi Sir! Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't know what you really want to do with your life or what you just 'like' in general? What did you do to get out of that state? THANKSSS

I don't really remember.
Perhaps, when I am upset?
In that case, I just wait for the upset to pass.
But I am assuming that this is where you are right now.
My first suggestion would be to begin at least with finding out what it is that you do NOT LIKE. Perhaps, this way you find out what you do like by way of elimination.
My next suggestion would be just to do your usual duties with extra fervor -- agere contra or "counter act" against the unhealthy desire [in the Ignatian tradition].

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In your opinion, what is the meaning of life?

Is there? ;-)
But, seriously ...
As an existentialist, I believe that the meaning of life is dependent on the individual who lives it.
In that sense, the way I understand my life is my own and therefore may not necessarily be applicable to another.

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Sir, sino po iboboto nyo for president sa 2016? Why? :))

It's still too early to answer that question and make an endorsement.
I don't to be accused of premature campaigning. ;-)

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Hi sir! Where do you hear mass pag nasa QC kayo? Hahahah

Quezon City is a large place. ;-)
Where do I celebrate the Eucharist when I'm in Quezon City?
Lord's Day or weekday?
I usually go where it's most convenient for me.
So more recently I go to the parish church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Angeles City on late Saturday afternoons after my classes in the graduate school.

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Sir, sana kayo nalang prof ko sa lahat ng theo class ko. Sobrang fun po pag kayo nagtuturo. Ang dami ko nalalaman na new things. Haha

Maraming salamat po. :)

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pinaka-crush ko IKAW sir sa lahat ng prof. may selfie po ba kayo old or recent po?

what's the wildest thing you've ever done?

Hmm. The response here depends on how one defines the adjective "wild".
It may seem unbelievable to you, but I've done a lot of things I consider wild, i.e. unruly.
As a younger person, I have openly and consciously defied authority figures and broken rules -- maybe even laws. Of course, there were times when I had to suffer [and perhaps still continue to] suffer the consequences of my actions.
One more wild but romantic(?) thing I did was to try to drive our van which was not 4-wheel drive through a flooded subdivision just to drop in unexpectedly on "the love of my life". When the van got stuck in the mud, I decided to just wade through the waist-deep flood waters -- until some neighbor offered to give me a ride on their banca.
Unfortunately, she wasn't at home.

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Hi sir, can you help me how to deal with my insecureties?

No guarantees, but I can try. ;-)
I can only deal in generalities, since your identity is hidden from me.
First, we must acknowledge that all human beings by nature are INSECURE. We are all afraid of losing what we have, life and its meaning. So, we strive against that possible loss of life & meaning.
There is nothing wrong with being insecure. But sometimes we do unhealthy & dysfunctional things when we feel insecure about ourselves. What are those things?
Second, is there anything you can do to secure yourself against an needless loss of life & meaning? Do it.
Third, know yourself -- your strengths and your weaknesses, your nonnegotiable values. Build on your strengths, while trying to do something about and/or compensating for your weaknesses. What drives you? What makes your life meaningful? What gives it purpose? What can you contribute to this world?
Act on these things. Do not be afraid. You only live once. :D
I hope that helps.

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Reasons why you write? How do you feel about writing? Things you like about writing? Things you don't like about writing? Papers/things you like to write about?

I know that I can write. I've been writing essays since elementary school.
But I often write only because I have to [usu. academic requirements] and prefer to communicate orally.
But speaking and writing are related disciplines of communication, but have differing requirements.
I like writing because it is more concrete and its fruits are tangible. It also compels me to be precise and concise with my expression.
However, the strengths of writing can also be its weaknesses. The limitations of space prevent me from elaborating too much, unlike when one is speaking. I cannot afford to be verbose in writing; otherwise, people will tire as they read my work.
I like to write about my ideas -- which are often counter-cultural and iconoclastic -- and my experiences, as well as my thoughts on the ideas and experiences of others. Sometimes I have given to my artistic bent by writing fiction.

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Hello sir! What are your all-time and current favorite songs?

"Afraid for Love to Fade" (Jose Mari Chan)
"Vincent" (Don McLean)
"If I Never Sing Another Song" (Matt Monro)
"For No One" (The Beatles)
"I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye" (David Gates)
"Diary" (Bread)
"Ever Since The World Began" (Survivor)
"The Search Is Over" (Survivor)
"The Music of the Night" (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
"All I Ask of You" (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
"Simply Jessie" (Rex Smith)
"Losing My Religion" (REM)
"I Believe" (신승훈)
"Qing Fei De Yi" (Harlem Yu)
"Feel Your Breeze" (V6)
"Pusong Bato" (Alon)
"Nakapagtataka" (Rachel Alejandro)
"Bring Me To Life" (Evanescence)
"Prayer of Rupert Mayer" (Himig Heswita)
"My Way" (Frank Sinatra)
I'm a music lover and these 20 are just some I can name right now.

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To those who keep asking Mr. Manaloto questions or giving comments anonymously concerning Miss Pauline de Vera, kindly direct them to Miss de Vera herself.

Christian B. Manaloto

Sir, can you name some of your students na you consider to have beauty and brains? I need to interview them so if you can drop names, I'd be looking them up on fb!

Why do you need to interview them? Research paper? Personal interest?
My standards of what I consider "beauty & brains" may not necessarily be mainstream.
Ask that question on Facebook and I'm sure you're going to get some good leads.
You may even want to try MC Secret Files. :P

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Sir was the pretty girl who delivered the valedictory speech a student of yours? She was frankly a face na hindi ako familiar pero ang galing niya. May narinig lang ako na isa yun sa mga favorite mo e

Pauline de Vera, who delivered the speech in behalf of the Miriam College Higher Education Unit graduating class of 2015, was my student, proud to say.
One of my favorites? Don't always believe everything other people say.
A college education should teach you that.

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I think Miriam College only chose Pau De Vera as the speaker because she's pretty! Hay, Miriam College and aesthetics. Kahit naman hindi kagandahan basta matalino bagay naman sa stage.

That is your opinion & you're entitled to it.
I disagree, though. There were others even prettier in my opinion.
She was chosen by the committee because of what she wrote.
But, yes, one does not need to be good-looking to suit the stage.

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Sir, what is it like to have Ate Pau De Vera as your student? I am an incoming junior of Psychology in MC and I have heard Dr. Aguila and Dr. Carandang speak so highly of her. Is she...that good?

So many questions about Pauline de Vera.
Is it still necessary to answer your question?
Is it not enough that Drs. Aguila & Carandang and Mr. Ato dela Cruz speak so highly of her?
Let me just say that I am happy and proud to have had her as my student.

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