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Be honest! Why are you on this app?

Mmm… I be getting hella questions so I guess that’s why lol even tho the questions be from the site but I got haters who send me stuff too lol

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To be honest I miss the person you were before you changed. The times where you made me laugh just being goofy. That’s the personality I hold closest to me. I miss that the most.

Hey man… life changes everyday so you change as well. I’m still reall chill and positive most days but life is tough as hell as a adult. But I’m trying to be me the old me.

Trust me. You lost someone who has dreamed of being with you every day since July, 2013. You lost someone who would die for you. You lost someone who you loved secretly for years and who loved you secretly too. You lost your number 1 biggest fan. You were a celebrity to me. I didn’t lose. You lost.

Damn?? You been wanting me that long? But ain’t never made ya shot when I was single…. Mmmm… funny weird 😂

the bible says, women tell lies and men do not tell lies

I don’t know if you reading the Bible 😂😂 might be reading something else but not a bible

I would message you but, you know you tried to label me as a stalker. When your the one who keeps leading me on.



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