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Can i bite the tip?

wtf loool no

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Why do men never get tired of sex? Like doesnt it get boring after a while?

you and jaya are gonna going to the same uni? lool see here everyday?

are you at war with english fucking hell

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Hi, i like your picture please can we be friends? If yes please email me at ( so that i will give you my pictures.

LOOOOOOOL this is why i left askfm

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Which languages do you understand or speak?

English g

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whats your twitter?


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I'm the L.A. girl btw :)

Oh cools

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I wanna add you on snapchat but I don't want you to think I'm a creep :/

Add me :)

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what A levels do you need to take accounting finance and management? future goals of mine really

Maths business economics sort of subjects

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what course you taking in uni?

Accounting finance and management

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what yr are you in then?

Going uni

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Im going nottingham uni and i will make sure i make you mine bye

Loool ah i see

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What you looking forward to the most about uni?

The loans

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idk how you can look like that and be modest X_x


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how many girls do you talk to on a daily basis?

how many girls on kik do you talk to on a daily basis?

I don't even have kik

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are you in yr 13?

why u so hot?

Lool am not

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Who's main yat u chatting wiv fam

Ur mum g

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the way that person types gives me headache. its all FUKed uP

Trust me

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ArE you talKing tO AnY girLS rifhTTT now?

OkaY sooooOO you're singLE?


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NO srSlY maNNY babYyyy u guys tOgethER???? It's lilY and I wanT to makE a moVE But NoT iF She's involvED

Were not together?

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Bc she looks like a fukin ho. U fukd hER befOre or whAt

No? Shes actually not a hoe, shes got more self respect than your mum probably has

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