Ask @MarceloAlves647:

"Do something Good to nation and get vote.." BUT In India , Divide people and get vote. Cheat on Voting machine and Get vote. Gave money to candidate and twist the party. and we say sathyam Eva jayade is our Motto.

I am doing a very good thing that instead of dividing, will unite people, to live with a better life, with quality of life and financial security for all people.
See for yourself and share this news.

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When a bunch of animals kill a man for food ,we say accident, horrible, but when we kill a animal for food we say, tasty nice... Aspect is same view is different. ? what you think

I think it's ugly to kill a man for food and I also think it's the same to kill an animal for food.
no matter if they are different, the ignorance of killing a being for food is ridiculous and the being must evolve and not regress.

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