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Tbh. You're gorgeous and really nice. I love your style and personality is on point. I can tell your a really fun person to hang out with so we should totally hang out soon!! Thank you for sticking up for me when I needed! If you need help I'm always here. (:

jamiemsantiago’s Profile PhotoJamie Santiago
Aw thank you so much but that's all you 💞 & kik me bc I'm going to knotts this Saturday so maybe we can hang 😊 & of course no prob, if anything I'm here (:
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Tbh: your gorgeouss and you seem nice and funny and chill to hang out with ✨

Thank you (: you too!

Last year

Sophomores : Thulashi , Sahil , Eunice , Cecilia , Kavisha , Melissa , Jacqueline , Modesty
Juniors : Frances , Shivum , Nandan, Sneha , Joselyne , Yanneisy , Marco , Gilari
These are the ones I've talked too but there's still lots of people I wish I could have talked , maybe next school year. (:

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I have a lot ☺️ :
Joey Graceffa
Miranda Sings
Bretman Rock
Bart Baker
Mikey Bolts
Brent Rivera
Lolo Macy (Lauren) you all should go follow her bc she makes singing videos & she's great & I love her very much 💞
& more (:
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Opinions on the Rainbow Flag petition and the petition to ban the US Flag?

It's pretty dumb tbh because yeah the LGBT flag is great & all but seriously?! We shouldn't be changing our American Flag
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Tbh// we talked a couple of times 😈and your really pretty ! And I hope you have fun with ayso this year 😭👌🏼you'll be with my old team prob ... AND HOPE YOU PLAY CLUB NEXT YEAR FOR CYPRESS ☺️💯 maybe then we can be on the same team ¿?😂Lmfaooo 😊

Thank you (: & YES I REALLY WANNA DO CYPRESS CLUB 😭 & that would be really cool so you can show me all your soccer skills 😂😈

Top boy and girl in each grade

This takes so much time but oh well 😴 I'm gonna do more than one though
'20 // Harry, Dave, Jesse & Gabby, Cayla, Maia
'19 // Nikita, Sandhya, Mariah, Leila, Cristy & no boys
'18 // everyone except some people that are annoying 😂
'17 // Sahil, Ethan & Thulashi, Karen, Poojitha, Cecilia, Melissa, Kavisha, Jacqueline
'16 // Shivum, Marco & Joselyne, Yanneisy, Sneha, Frances, Heewoo, Julia, Archana but basically everyone in my Spanish class ^.^
'15 // Alberto, Armando & Clarissa, Karen, Bianca, Ankita, Sabrina, Kaili
I probably forgot a lot so sorry 😅

when are soccer tryouts for incoming freshmen?

uhh idk, sorry! But I'll re-answer this when I know forsure.


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