Ask @Mariam7114:

Drop down your fav poetry lines :)

“My so called companion .”
Mery kehny ko humsafar, Agr manzil aik hai, muqam aik hai, toh phr raasty aik kyn nahi? Main Tmhri hon nahe Ya tm mery kabhi thy he nahe? My so called companion. You have made me unsure about a lot of things. I’m unsure if mine or your priorities are in place. I’m unsure of the answers of the questions floating on your face . I’m unsure if my independence to me, means no dependance on you. I’m unsure about where I stand in your life and where you stand in mine too. I’m still unsure why your heart is still hungry when it has had enough to eat. I’m unsure if the two pieces that we found for this puzzle are a perfect match. I’m unsure if the spaces in between my fingers can any longer be filled up by your hands. Your hands have created a hole where my heart used to be. Spaces which are so hard to fill. Gaps that may lasts for an eternity. There are memories of your past lovers that dance like a firefly on a dark night. Did you know that a firefly is a bioluminescent and produces it’s own light?So do your memories, the remnants of your past. I stay up all night chasing your fireflies, catching them, putting them into cages that I know won’t last. Before I let you go, there’s something that you really need to know that there’s one thing I’m extremely sure of that love is never unsure.

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Have you had your heart broken before?

Ali Muhammad
I’m still heart broken babe 😭💔 Him: Jeeya sbb k samny respect deya kro Mjy. Also him infront of everyone: Mottiiii. Stop eating carbs. Tb sy mama phopho khala sbko motti he lag rae hon😭 Mtlb laanati insan sbb k samny apni begum ko support ni kr skty toh flaws b toh na btao na, phr inko yad aajata h me badtameziyan krti hon. Knsa insan 55kg py motta hta h 🤦🏼‍♀️😭

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Have you ever been cheated on? 🐾

r a ض a
When a man cheats on a woman she knows. She can sense betrayal in his hidden glances, in the touch of his hands, in her own body. She can sense it in his stories, his anecdotes and even in his poems. It’s not necessary that she forgives or forget out of love. You know what? She blames herself for shatters into million pieces for not loving him enough. She find flaws in her smile, her speech , her mind, her heart and each and everything she embrace. She builds a cocoon of guilt around her and blames everything on her. The moment she’s over it, she finds herself and evolves more stronger, and smart to never trust someone enough to lose oneself. Yet a piece of pain stays in her heart forever because she loved with all her heart🙂

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