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Do you miss talking to anyone?

Yeah there's a lot of people I miss, but I'm actually pretty happy with my life and who's in it right now.

What makes someone attractive?

Quality taste in music, good smelling cologne, one of those really hot half smiles, and giant biceps. But honestly if you're confident in how you look and comfortable with who you are you're on of the most attractive people in the world.

Advice for incoming freshman

Oh gosh I'm pretty sure you've seen it all before. The most important thing I learned my freshman year was that it's exactly what you make of it. I spent my time hating it because I got separated from all my middle school friends when I should've been making new friends and enjoying my first year of highschool. It's all about your mentality. Go into it really believing that these are gonna be some of the best four years of your childhood and they probably will be. You're gonna lose some friends and make some new ones, but just remember to smile through the bullshit because in 5 years none of this will matter. Just have fun and don't take it too seriously because highschool is the most stupid, childish, amazing, memory-filled, time of your life.


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