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Do you think depression is a cultural/moral issue rather than a health one ? I think like obesity, most cases are just symptoms of a sick society.

This is an interesting question. I think they are related. Depression obviously has a long history and has been with us since time immemorial. Men suffer in solitude and melancholy. It just happens. However, in today's world, I feel the pathologizing of various ailments has gone hand in hand with them actually becoming pathologies. Example: we've made 'homosexuality' a pathology in medical terms while at the same time forcing a confirmation of this assumption by telling people they cannot change it and surrounding them with easy avenues via which they can indulge and nurture their vice.

Depression can arise from deeply personal factors, and ones that are predicated on the state of society. Drugs meant to treat it can in fact make it worse. I do believe we would see less cases of dangerous depression if we lived in a Traditional society. Part of this is due to the fact that such societies are more communal, so people in general feel less isolated and alone in a sea of grey faces, another is that Traditional society gives people a sense of purpose because it is by definition purposive, and finally I would say that Traditional societies (often via high demands on people in primary years of development) toughen men in particular to cope with stresses as they grow older, something our cotton wool dildocracy does horribly.

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If the gospel were preached and a hunger-gatherer tribe converted to Christianity. Would civilization organically arise over time from that tribe?

Not necessarily. Christianity did not create civilization any more than any other religion did. Civilization arises largely out of environmental and practical preconditions. IQ may play some role, but a big aspect is opportunity for static farming, consistent water supply, lack of dangerous predators, etc.

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In a reactionary society would guns still be necessary in the hands of citizens, seeing as how the amount of crime would be negligible ?

I support men bearing arms in a society for both a practical reason and a reason of principle. In the first instance, a nation in which every man is armed (as in the Swiss model of having received some basic training on how to shoot) will be difficult to subjugate in a genocidal way, because at this point armed resistance on behalf of every man will be the only recourse, so it isn't really crime that I use as justification. On the principled side however, I would just say it is not the government's business if a man has a gun any more than if a man has a sword or a knife. A man has dignity, and part of that dignity is in arming oneself for a conflict if events necessitate it. Jesus did command his followers to purchase swords, and contrary to some interpretations, I do not see this as simply a canned wish to fulfill prophecy, but in fact a green light to ordinary men carrying a means of defending themselves in appropriate situations. The radical pacifist wouldn't have it that way, but I reject this pseudo-morality of pacifism.

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What do you consider yourself a e.g white nationalist, Conservative etc?

The sikabbubba

A Reactionary. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Do you think Prince Charles (being familiar with Guénon etc.) could be a half-decent monarch?

I doubt it. His interest in these figures is purely in the abstract, and possibly coming from a very degenerate New Age perspective that is simply trying to justify being the 'defender of faith' in multicultural Britain. The leading lights of even the most Perennialist perspective would rebuke this, for they said plainly that even if the 'transcendent unity of religions' is true, one must essentially behave as if it is not, and commit oneself dogmatically to a single tradition. Guenon would have found the idea of a monarch adopting 'defender of faith' as a title to be a cruel joke.

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Did you ever have an irreligious / atheist phase? How did you get into it and subsequently get out of it?

Rohit Sudarsan

I was never a new atheist. I didn't care enough to be angry about religion. I did mock religion occasionally, as I think most people my age did. It was a curiosity, and we were loathed to sit through RE classes which seemed pointless because none of us believed in any of it.
As such, I was an apatheist, but like the hypocrite I was, I still prayed in times of trouble or in times of petty desire. Deep down, I probably knew someone was listening. In fact, I think most irreligious people do this. I got out of it by studying apologetics, which I was inspired to do due to the political changes I was going through. This made Christianity intellectually palatable to me, and as I fell into Reaction, I was naturally falling in love with God. The two, for me, are inseparable. As you begin to put objective value into the aesthetic, into order, into honour, into virtue, God is never far from your thoughts.

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What do you think of the verse "Rend unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's?"

What about it? Common interpretation is that it's about muhh separation of church and state, except this wasn't even a concept until much much later. What I would say is that it affirms God's lordship over even Caeser, but recognizes Caeser as having legitimate authority over what is his (in this case the coin). It was God's proclamation that even Pagan authorities who were apart from God had legitimacy as authorities, pointing to the concept of a perennial 'Tradition' in the realm of governance, and perhaps God's special plans for 'Rome', that it would become the seat of His greatest manifestation of temporal authority, from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.

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Would you consider writing a book on the true history of the reactionary Right?

I'm currently writing a book which will touch upon this subject in some detail.

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Considering how well versed you are on theological matters, have you ever thought of becoming an Orthodox Priest?

No. It is not my vocation. I don't have enough of the ascetic virtue, and would undoubtedly end up a bad priest, and the world has more than enough of those.

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What would you suggest for someone to fight his masturbation and watching pornography urges?

I've heard good things about the nofap subreddit. Give it a go.

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I don't mean this disrespectfully, but why do you have such an affinity for Russia? Are you an ethnic Russian, or is it because your an Orthodox Christian?

My patrilineal ethnic roots are Russian, but Orthodoxy definitely helps.

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You've written for Return of Kings before and I was wondering whether you know of a prolific commenter called "lolknee" ? He comments on every ROK article and the picture he paints of himself makes him a truly insufferable being.

I'm not aware of him. It was a while ago that I published with ROK.

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What are your thoughts on Jordan B. Peterson, professor at UoT?

I really like his talks. Yes, he's still clinging to classical liberalism in many ways (understandable due to his speech being restricted by the nutty Canadian government), but I think he's genuine and intelligent.

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Mark, I know you are against abortion to the utmost degree, but what do you think about contraception? How does it fit into the picture?

If we discount those contraceptive measures which are controversial and could or could not be abortifacients, then I don't really see a moral problem with it. We know that the rhythm method is specifically designed to avoid pregnancy, so it isn't avoiding pregnancy that is considered a sin by some, just using 'unnatural' methods like condoms to achieve it. But I think this case is weak. I do not think contraception is intrinsically immoral.

However, there is a stronger case for a broader condemnation of contraception, and that is the fact that it provides an incentive for extra-marital sex, because it negates the risk of a pregnancy. I'm not exactly sure how you could circumvent this, but I'm open to suggestions and opinions on the topic.

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What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child? Why?


'There is no God' - for this immediately brings every other positive structure upon which he might build a fruitful life crashing down around him.

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Did you enjoy Bowden's memorial dinner? (Assuming you attended)

Yes, though I later found out this may have simply been by virtue of luck, having been seated with some eminently intelligent individuals with whom I could engage. Others were not so lucky. As to the event itself, the speakers did a fine job of honouring Bowden, and I give great credit to Steadman and the gang for putting on a great spread with no ANTIFA nonsense.

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Thoughts on Hans-Hermann Hoppe?

Everyone has to be very appreciative of the coinage "physical removal". Absolutely indispensable.

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Do you like any rap music?

Embarrassing as it is, I did used to find some catchiness to a couple of Eminem's tracks, and to this day I won't turn off Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' if it comes on (maybe that's more Hip-Hop), but that is literally it. The genre never much appealed to me because it is rather characteristically vulgar. Maybe this is why I had an affinity for 80s music, because growing up, the post-80s stuff didn't shy from vulgarity and innuendo-laden trash, whereas when my dad would put on music from his youth, it was artsy and pretentious but basically wholesome. There's nothing explicitly degenerate about tracks like this.

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1-3% is quite specific. Why not higher?

This is the maximum I would say can be tolerated without either causing loss of communal trust, or failing to quickly be absorbed by the native population over the course of a few generations. It's a figure I've heard from others on numerous occasions as well. Bear in mind this is non-Europeans as well. When it comes to other European migrants, I'd say the acceptable figure is probably approaching 7-8%. Ideally your native population should never fall bellow 90% of the overall population.

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Should all non whites be deported from European countries?

No. If someone meets the following criteria they should be allowed to stay:

1) They are from compatible cultures with vaguely similar organic authority structures.
2) They are employed in a field where their contribution is either unique or could not be found locally.
3) They have no criminal record.

Of those who fall into this category, a number equaling roughly 1-3% of the total population should be allowed to remain.

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What exatly do you mean by the word "pozz"? Could you unpack that a little bit for the uninitiated. Thanks.

Pozz is a term stolen from the grimy underbelly of degeneracy. It is used by f****** to refer to the transfer of HIV from one person to another (derived from the test for HIV being POSitive, hence, pozz). It is now used in right wing circles to refer to anything liberal, since much like HIV, liberalism is a virus, and also much like HIV, it's carriers garner a kind of satisfaction from spreading it around. Likely source for the start of this use of the term is the My Posting Career message board.

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What will be the subject What will be the subject of your book ?

Holy Alliance

A comprehensive discourse on the Reactionary metapolitical outlook.

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Two legitimate questions, if there is no such thing as 'being gay', why does conversion therapy often not work in making that individual attracted to members of the opposite gender. Second question, are sodomy laws necessary to suppress degeneracy or could the west take the traditional Asian approac

'Conversion therapy' in most instances manifests as pseudo-science or 'pray the gay away', i.e - it offloads the problem onto something uncontrollable when really it is self-mastery and self-conditioning that has to take place. Remember, the same retards who say "muhh conversion therapy doesn't work" also say "muhh sexuality is fluid". Saying that there are desires that man has not been given the faculties to overcome is tantamount to something blasphemous. We are capable of choosing the good, always. This is why we bear moral guilt.

Sodomy laws are like bestiality laws. They are intended more to deter than to prosecute. Having the law in place stiffens a societal restriction which is the main entry barrier to the behaviour becoming normalized. Ultimately, a sodomite should not fear the police, but his family and neighbours, and this fear should push him to self-mastery and overcoming his proclivities.

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Are you a full time online nrx-er or do you have a normie/wage slave job on the side?

I have a normie job. Have you ever known a Patreon in my name? If you have, you've been duped. I have never made a dime off my work in the sphere, but when I come out with a book, hopefully the readers will have a chance to give back.

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You mentioned you don't care much for legitimism. If it were up to you, how and wherefrom would potential new rulers be chosen?

They are not chosen. God raises them up. The great men of history. If a noble warrior commanded in accordance with Tradition and declared that he had divine right, why would I not believe him and bow low before him? Because of a surname? The names of royal houses have shifted throughout history. Our time will be no different.

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Mark Citadel is an Anglo-Russian metapolitical theorist and geopolitical analyst writing within the broad school of Reactionary thought, as part of the burgeoning online network that has come to be known as the ‘Reactosphere’. He is an Orthodox Christian.

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