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What's the absolute best vacation you can imagine?

The absolute best vacation to me is anywhere with my family 😍😩

If someone liked you, how would you like them to tell you?

I would like for them to be 100% honest and straightforward with me.

Are you happy with your boyfriend or are you just content?

You should be able to tell from this picture but I'm extremely happy 😍.
Are you happy with your boyfriend or are you just content

Could you see yourself marrying your current boyfriend?

Marriage is the last thing on my mind right now, I'm just trying to accomplish all of my dreams.

How can you be in a relationship with a random guy knowing your heart isn't there?

Let's get something clear 1) He's definitely not random 2) You don't know where my heart is and 3) My love life is MY love life.

Do you miss BK?

From the looks of this question, you're definitely someone who knows him because you called him "BK" 🙃😂. The answer to your question is No.


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