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how u been ?

I'm good , how are you?

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15 likes = 20 likes meny eli e5ls say Done in Question ;)

mariam fayed

No thank you, Thanks for the "beneficial" offer though..

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your weird

you didn't add anything new

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ways of having fun?

designing and gaming

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What two animals should breed and make a new animal?

Like I said before a rhino and a tiger..

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who do you think you care about the most in life?

No one

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Who was the last person you talked to?

Can't remember

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Whoooo is sheee?

who ??

Really wouldn't be comfortable to speak with stuff that only concerns me, Thank you.

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Who do you think asked your last anonymous question?

That's Ironic...Really don't have a clue :D

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do you think u have feelings for some1 in univesity?


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تابعتك . . .

One Shot

allah yekrem aslak :"D

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١٠ لايكات وبردهم ❤️ @malbussais

foko ba2a

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مبارك عليك الشّهر 💙.


الله يخليكي :D

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What's your favorite music genre?

Alternative Rock *fist bump*

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Gom3a Mobarka :D

leena w leekom insha'allah

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Ya3ni a3ml ehh xD

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# - تصفيه ! @malbussais


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فلويني .. فولو ولايكس هون .. ما بيقصرش معكم @yazanking526

اضحك وطقع للدنيا :P


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Enta lsa 3ay4 fkrtk m4 btft7o xD

اجازة بقي و لقيت نفسي فاضي الحقيقة

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Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

ساعات و ساعات بصراحه... باعمل plan لو حاجه في مصلحتي جامد و خايف تروح مني..اما لو spontaneously بيبقي غالبا...هربا من ...خيالاتي الي ممكن ترجعني لورا او تخوفني فبكتمها

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Ask Me Agd3an xD 😝😢

مش في الفورما :'D :P

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تآآبعوههآآ @MaRah_alsheikh

لا معلش..

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Facts About Me Agd3an 😉😀

معرفكش كويس ياسطا بصراحة ._. :D

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About Marwan Nazeer:

18- Maadi - Nike -LG -Anime -Gamer - Assassin's creed for life! - ACU - Business Admin. - Snickers - Evans Blue - Cold Play - The script - Macklemore - Johnny Depp - Natalie Portman..

cairo-egypt :D

#digitalartist #art #graphicdesign