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Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

Not only make him happy make yourself happy with him not only satisfy yourself satisfy him also
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Are you supposed to like someone just because the person likes you?

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if you have feelings for that person too then you should even if you don't you never will know how both of you opposite to each other end up together 😅
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What is your view on the transgender act?

Honestly I don't know much about it I just heard about it but seriously they are human too they should be provided with equal rights just like us right for freedom of speech or freedom of expression, education, basic necessities , self protection etc ... That's my opinion....

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