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Draw something and PAP! 😺🙏✏️

The White Rabbit

I have an art Instagram if you wanna see that (faeteethart)

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If you watch Ru Paul's Drag Race, who are your favorite and least favorite queens?

I do watch it and I love it! I have a hard time picking favorites because I love so many of them. But Sasha and Shea from this season are my faves this year. Also love Adore, Trixie and Katya.
As for least favorites I'm not sure either. Maybe Mimi Imfurst lol

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pap of you in one of your sexy outfits.

All my outfits are sexy because I'm wearing them bye

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Which stereotypes do you hate the most?


Any stereotype based on gender. Like the whole "lol girls are so catty/crazy/jealous/angry all the time!! 😂😂😂" I mean no get tf outta here with that shit

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What is your major?

Not sure if we have majors in Sweden at all? School systems are so different depending on the country you're in. I'm basically taking courses now to be able to apply for university later on.

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In the picture you have as your profile, what tools did you use to style your hair? It's so gorgeous 😻 Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm not very active on here

I used a straightener to curl my hair, and that was it! I curled it before going to sleep so the curls would be less intense, and that's what they looked like when I woke up more or less!

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Varför heter du Juni i Maj?

Jag heter Juni alla dagar på året så det hade ju varit underligt om det bara ändrades under maj månad kan jag tycka

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You haven’t lived until…

You've...been born?? Eh

View more this is disrespectful after the Manchester bombing

It sure is.

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have you ever visited Sweden ?

Dude I was born here and I've lived here my entire life

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do you think demisexuality is valid? i personally identify as demisexual (and gay) and people keep telling me it's not real and "everybody feels like it" and that i just identify as it to feel special...

Demisexuality is valid! I think many more than what we think are demisexual. Some might even be without knowing it and without feeling like they need to know. Some people find comfort in the word and some don't. But it is real and it's a great thing that it exists, so those who identify with it know they're not alone. Besides, sexuality is fluid. Even if you end up changing, it doesn't change the fact that you were demisexual, or that you thought you were. Even if our labels change, they're no less valid during the time we use them. It's important to understand that as a friend of someone, and as you analyze yourself.

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Är du svensk?


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Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?

Dude have you seen my brows

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May I ask what your sexuality is? :)

I'm pan/bi! 🌞

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Do you support the LGBT+ community ? Why/Why not? 🌈

Rainbow flag

I myself fall under the LGBT umbrella, and so do a majority of my friends and some of my family members. And not only that, love is love and people should be able to express themselves however they want, it's only right.

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Honestly why does literally everyone say "would of"? I saw it /so/ much online that I started wondering if it actually might be correct and my english teacher taught me something wrong. I questioned my own sanity :'D

I despise it so much oh my god. It's never "would of", unless it's a "would" followed by something that starts with "of" like "of course" or similar. 😐😐😐

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It's not John Lennon? Who would of... Imagined.

Yeah, who would have* imagined...ha ha ha

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if you could choose a person to throw a cake in the face, who would that be?

Myself tbh

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How do scandinavians manage to survive during winter? I mean, the sun is almost always hidden. Any tips? I'm not used to it and I get winter blues all the time (living in Norway rn)

I quite frankly have no idea how we do it. I mean during the winters I rarely go out unless I have an errand or a plan for the day, and that shows in my overall mood too. I didn't use to think I changed that much in winter as opposed to summer, but lately I've noticed I'm super sluggish and sort of down during that time, and that comes from someone who's been living in Sweden their entire life. In short, we just endure (although I know some go for "Ljusterapi" or light therapy to feel better).

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Which meme describes you the best?

Honestly?? Probably the "me, an intellectual" one

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omg you met John Lennon?

Circular glasses =/= John Lennon my friend

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When was the last time you danced?

Just now when I was walking to the kitchen hehe

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Did you know that Denmark is the only country where sex is not a taboo ?

Now I've never been to Denmark for longer periods of time but I find it hard to believe that the topic of sex is taboo in pretty much every part of the world and somehow skipped Denmark

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Hi!!! I love your tumblr blog and was wondering whre you got that cute theme from

It's just one I found online years and years ago...I can't remember from where. It's a nice theme but I'm thinking of replacing it, haha. Glad you like my tumblr though, it's rather dead over there but I still enjoy using it for inspiration every once in a while.

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ever dyed your hair red ? if yes pap

A couple of times, but this is the last time I had red hair in the summer of last year.

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