Ask @MasshallBalltyy:

Why do you keep returning and going? No more ask power or fame left that’s evident

Kiddo, I can be the same famous person I was back here again like in 10 days or something but I have tasted this fame. It’s just an imaginary thing. Yes a few people will meet you but it’s all useless. Sitting on ask wont make me money or make me successful. Aim for something big honey

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I studied did my O and A levels sciences, not because I was forced to, but I wanted to find the peace and happiness of life in it. I failed, had pretty bad grades. I did bachelors in business, again to be a corporate worker and find peace and yet I failed. It took me 24 years to select the right path to find the happiness and mystic peace in my life. So remember it’s never too late x

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Your thoughts on ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi, AURAT RAJ’ Feminism in Pakistan?

Some women are being massacred in the name of honour killing in middle eastern countries.
Some women are being stoned to death due to slander and false accusations for adultery
Some women are burned alive because their in laws hate them.
Fight for them, instead fighting for khana kaun garam karegha
Pathetic people here in our country

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