Ask @Master_Eros_:

If your other half did something that upset you, and continued to do it even after you told her it upsets you, how would you feel?

Disappointed, but I think that’s obvious.
Submission to Me is unwavering and unquestioned obedience, anything short of that and I’m extremely disappointed... disinterested, even. So with disinterest, even the desire to punish can dwindle.
However, behaviour modification is key. Also, punishment is clearly in order at times.
Perhaps, ask My current slave who spent the entirety of her week last week with black and blue buttocks from the wrath of my belt for the aforementioned insolence.

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Crois-tu aux deuxième chances ?

Depends, a few extremely important factors come into play.
1. What they did to me.
2. How sorry are they, really... is it genuine? Enough to get on their knees, beg and crawl like the disappointment they are?
3. How far are they truly willing to go to display their remorse.
Personally, it is rare that I provide a ‘second chance’, but there have been occasions where a second chance has be appointed.
I don’t make it easy, it shouldn’t be... earning My forgiveness should be absolutely nothing short of torturous, and it is.

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how was ur day ??

Well, it’s early Sunday morning so, I’ll assume this is meant for yesterday.
Saturday (yesterday) was great!
Had a sweet nap, then headed over to the lady’s place as her father is in town visiting from Texas.
We had an amazing turkey dinner, afterwards we made ginger bread houses.
Then, I sprawled out onto her couch, had some drinks and watched an amazing UFC card.
Epic day. 😄

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What are some songs you have a lot of memories?

Nickelback - Never Again
Theory of a Deadman - Santa Monica
Majid Jordan - A Place Like This
Trey Songz - All We Do
Awolnation - Sail
The Weeknd - Till Dawn
The Weeknd - Often
Jamie Foxx - Fall for Your Type
Dirty Radio - Forever Alone
These are the songs I maintain and hold the most memories with for various reasons.

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If you had an ability to look into other's past, who would be the first one on which you will use your power?

This is actually a really great question.
Unfortunately, I don’t think I have anyone I’d want to look into.
Anyone of significance or that I would want to, I can easily find that information.
I wouldn’t even want to look into a potential/existing slave’s past, to be honest.
It can jade perception when ultimately the only~ thing that truly matters to me is the way they make me feel and the pedestal they place me on.

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