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Bro idk why you go to carter come to joan everyone loves you here people from carter are such pussys like pizzuti and santiago man ill clap them both

Who you calling pussys the funny this is that they will probably clap you

I see u talking to marco everyday i dont know why u talkto them there such pussys

Because i love then and your probably a faggot

Galli dont listen to these pussys over ask they cant say shit to your face so they hide behind their screen like a little bitch because if we knew it was them we wouldnt be offended. -steve

Lol bro ik

Cristinas ugly why do you still talk to her

Lol shes actually one of my closest friends and if you have something against her talk to her not me

But did you and cristina hook up just answer

Why does this concern you if we did or not? Answer this and ill tell you


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