Ask @Matthashtag13:

Whats the most expensive thing you've ever broken? 📪

I believe the most expensive thing was a rollercoaster ride vehicle. I have a tad bit of claustrophobia and a rollercoaster seat was a how shall we say, crushing. Needless to say I panicked a little and broke it and I have a feeling a multimillion dollar theme park has cheap ride vehicles, but I never got the bill so...

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Do you miss someone who was too close to you?

There have been a lot of people who have left my life in recent times and there have been some specifically close friends who have drifted away in very recent times. I do miss those people but I know they sometimes people are too busy for somethings. I always try to keep in contact with all my friends, but if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be

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If your previous gf/bf wanted to get back together with you and have a fresh start would you?

Well there are two parts to that. First I don’t believe we could ever have a fresh start because we have some amount of history in one capacity or another. Second I would need to know why we broke up in the first place for example I could see getting back together if perhaps we mutually separated because perhaps the time wasn’t right or we were too far apart to truly stay together

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