Ask @Matthashtag13:

if someone ur usually mean to told u they were in love with u which is why the bugged you, how would u feel and what would u say

Well if I liked them back that would be the perfect time to tell them and if I didn’t then I would tell them that, but I’m a nice way. Everyone is a person and people have feelings and it’s not right to intentionally and consciously hurt someone’s feelings

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An original way to attract a guy's attention?

Well I can’t say this is exactly original because there isn’t much that is completely original these days, but perhaps find a way to get his number and call him, if he is actually interested he should answer and stay on the phone and talk. When you talk on the phone it’s literally the Best place to show off your personality and character because he isn’t influenced by the way you look, just an idea

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What is the most overplayed song of all time?

I would say Despacito, but even that I barely hear these days. I think that there are many songs that have been overplayed over the years but they are played because they are good songs. I only say despacito because it kinda got annoy after a few months and I think that’s why we don’t hear it much any more

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