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hello there. you have reached the aliney security services ( ASS ) . please tell us your location and specific target. in a matter of 24 hours, our team of experts *ahem ahem bodyguards* will make sure our services are pleasing to you. costs ( homework pgs) vary lol

AllieLuvsSkating’s Profile PhotoAline Nguyen
Target: classified. You will need to be briefed prior to commencing operations briefed

who's your fave azn that will make anyones day with only the very small price of 3 3/4 pgs of spanish homework? she's totes gorggg and is never wrong. if you mess with her, she will show you her gratitude with a kick to the balls and her chill bodyguard will lock you in a closet (:

Haha my aliney!

Pleaseeeee come to the pool >.<

I have a project I have to turn in so I'm not sure if I will go.... STRANGER


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