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Is there anything you can do today that you couldn't a year ago? What?

today i have to buy a new keyboard its been two years didn't bought any keyboard so yeah this is what i couldnt two yeas ago :p

Post a picture of your favorite landscape in the world!

gyeongbokgung palace in seoul, south korea, i only love winter snowing time scene!
Post a picture of your favorite landscape in the world

Today is World Environment Day! How do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?

yeah, try to convince people about our world & this beautiful nature and how we're destroying this! but still we can save it by make some changes!

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If you could choose a different time period and place to be born, when and where would it be?

Manitoba, Canada, time would be 1-11-1999.

Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world.

i can't tell anything that shouldn't exist, existence dependence upon condition!

Why is a healthy lifestyle so trendy now?

cause everyone's want to be healthy & this generation's most of peoples are educated mean more than previous generations, peoples are recognizing that health is the main fact of all but the major fact is for outlooking.

What would your DJ name be?

honestly i hate dj and i'm not gonna pick-up any of name which i hate.

Would you follow the white rabbit?

i'm not so familiar with fictional character so idk. and main fact is i don't yet watch those "White Rabbit" character include movies.

please bro upload a dvdrip print of mr.X 2015 starring emraan hashmi,amyra dastur....please bro upload it in dvdrip.

what do ya think that i'm CEO of film distribution companies!! -_-

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

plan things cause it goes well without any problem.

Post a picture of the magnets on your fridge!

i dont stick magnets on fridge, it looks so weird. :3

What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?

for me 11 hours but usually i sleep 4-5/6 hours.


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